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The AMERICAN PH AMMO 30-06 SPRINGFIELD 165GR ORYX that defines the quality of components and loading selected for Norma´s American PH lineup. Production starts with the  highest quality brass cases available in the industry, combines that with Norma powder and bullets specifically selected for North American big game.

To ensure perfect mushrooming at all impact velocities, the ORYX has a thin forward jacket with internal splitting zones. The bonding and the thicker rear jacket wall ensure a high residual weight after impact (well over 90%) and excellent penetration. With rapid expansion to a large diameter, and without fragmentation, ORYX leaves a large wound channel yet destroys little meat. In addition, the high residual weight of the bullet ensures deep penetration and high energy transfer.

Brand Style: American PH

Bullet Style: Oryx

Bullet Weight (Grains): 165

Cartridge: 30-06 Springfield

Muzzle Energy: 3211

Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2960

Rounds: 20

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