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The BLACK HILLS GOLD AMMO 30-06 SPRINGFIELD Match Boattail Hollow Point Ammunition is handcrafted from the finest components, put through the ringer by the bunch back in inspection, and tested rigorously in ballistics. In layman’s terms, there’s nothing typical about it. Reloadable brass cases, boxer primed and hand inspected before it leaves the facility.

150 Gr. Hornady GMX ® Velocity: 2900 FPSE Energy: 2801 Ft. Lbs.
155 Gr. Hornady ELD-M ® Velocity: 2900 FPS Energy: 2894 Ft. Lbs.168 Gr. Hornady Match Hollow Point Velocity: 2700 FPS
Energy: 2720 Ft. Lbs.168 Gr. Hornady ELD-M ® Velocity: 2750 FPS
Energy: 2821 Ft. Lbs. 180 Gr. Barnes TSX Velocity: 2600 FPS
Energy: 2702 Ft. Lbs180 Gr. Nosler Accu Bond ™ Velocity: 2650 FPS
Energy: 2806 Ft. Lbs.178 Gr. Hornady ELD-X ® Velocity: 2700 FPS
Energy: 2881 Ft. Lbs…168gr-match-bthp/ ‎
You must be 18 or older to purchase shotgun or rifle ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition.All ammunition must be shipped Domestic Ground. Shipping not available for International residents. Residents in CA, DC, IL, MA, NY, CT, and NJ may have additional restrictions. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your firearms. Check your state and local laws for any other applicable firearms and ammunition regulations. Due to Department of Transportation regulations, we cannot accept returns on ammo. Please check local laws before ordering. View full restrictions here.

Ammunition pricing is per box.

ATTENTION – California Customers
Brownells is still shipping ammunition orders to California but the process has changed to comply with California Proposition 63. We must now ship ammunition purchased online to an FFL or California-approved ammunition dealer. After placing your order, a Brownells representative will contact you to ensure your ammunition arrives quickly and in compliance with the law


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